Bamboo and Sustainability: Know the Facts

image via Flickr

image via Flickr

Bamboo offers a number of advantages to homeowners over other materials such as its unique and natural look, its long lasting durability and the versatility in its application. In addition to these attributes, homeowners have been increasingly drawn to bamboo sustainability.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials that you can work with. First of all, bamboo is a grass. This means that unlike hardwood, which requires the tearing down of trees that take years to grow, bamboo is easily replaceable. Not only does bamboo as a grass grow incredibly fast, often as much as a few feet a day, but it can thrive in a number of different climates, making it easy to find throughout the world. Not to mention that thinning a bamboo grove is healthy for the plant, and around 20 percent of a bamboo grove can be taken without harming the environment.

Bamboo also rapidly consumes carbon dioxide, the main contributor to global warming, as it grows. The quick and successful growth of bamboo requires very little help; meaning pesticides and chemicals are not needed.

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